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SJVN has immense faith in the capabilities of its human resources and is committed to fostering a culture of openness, honesty and integrity.Human Resource Management function has undergone a significant change in recent years. SJVN attaches tremendous importance to the management and development of its people. There is increasing recognition that the individual in an organization is a key resource and should not be simply looked upon as a cost. SJVN has now moved to a strategic human resource management system, which looks at an individual as a vital resource to be valued, motivated, developed and enabled to achieve the vision, mission and objectives of the corporation.

Rapid technological changes as well as fast pace of our growth necessitates the existence of an effective learning system.

Training & Development

Primary focus on Need based training programs ensures the conversion of the huge potential of employees into constructive kinetic energy. The 91.5 percent employees of the organization have been imparted training for the FY 2015-16 and efforts are being made to provide training to each and every employee of the organization every year.

SJVN not only picks-up the best talented manpower, but also focuses on nurturing and developing this resource up to its maximum potential to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and success of the organization. Upon recruitment into SJVN, Induction Training program is conducted in Hydel Training Institute, Kotla. Thereafter specialized training programs on Renewable & Non-renewable sources of energy like Hydro, Thermal etc. are also conducted. The trainees are also required to visit various project sites of SJVN as per the rotational training programs. Thereafter, 4 to 8 weeks specialized training capsule is conducted for newly joined executive trainees in institutes of repute. The program mainly focuses on the acclimatizing the new entrants with the corporate world and important areas like Communication, Mock presentations, Team Dynamics, Business Ethics etc. The Executive Trainees are provided training at institutes of national repute like International Management Institute (IMI), Power Management Institute (PMI), and National Power Training Institute.

Specialized training program at IMI, New Delhi

Corporate HRD section also organizes Leadership Development programs with a view to equip managers with the right attitude and the ability to drive, motivate and engage the team members in creative and inspiring ways and also to avoid situations of Leadership Vacuum.

Organizations witness rapid technological changes in present scenario and this concern is also well addressed by the training & HRD section. In order to equip our executives with latest technological changes and tools, training programs on new /advanced technologies are organized on regular basis. These include STAAD Pro, Primavera, Welding Technologies and Latest trends in Construction and Concrete Technology. In order to improve knowledge, skills know how of non executives, training programs are organized on Multi skilling and skill upgradation which includes the Interpersonal skills, Communication Skills and auto CADD etc.

Climate Change is a global issue today and SJVN acknowledges the importance of raising awareness amongst employees to address this issue. On these lines, SJVN has organized various training programs on Clean Development Mechanism and Sustainable Development.

SJVN‘s efforts towards its employees and society at large have been duly recognised and it has been conferred with "Excellence Award” and Sh R N Misra, Chairman & Managing Director; SJVN was awarded "Udyog Rattan” by Institute of Economic Studies.

These awards recognize the outstanding performance of SJVN and its management in the field of industrial development in the country. Sh R N Misra, Chairman & Managing Director, SJVN was honoured with "Award for CEO with HR Orientation” by World HRD Congress. World HRD congress presented these awards to recognize and appreciate the talented individuals in the industry. SJVN was awarded with ABP-News CSR Leadership Award in category of Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practices while Sh N L Sharma, Director (Personnel) was conferred with ABP-News CSR Leadership Award in individual category and was also conferred with "Most Influential HR Leader” award by World HRD Congress with the aim to recognize and appreciate talented individuals in the industry. SJVN was awarded "PSU Award 2015” by Governance Now. .SJVN was selected for Best Employee Productivity award under Mini Ratna Category-1 Public Sector Undertaking. SJVN was also conferred with SCOPE Excellence Awards in Institutional Category (Miniratna I & II PSEs) for the year 2013-14 with Gold Trophy and Citation and for year 2010-11 with Commendation Certificate. SJVN was also conferred with Global CSR Excellence Leadership Award by Blue Dart. SJVN bagged CIDC Vishwakarma Award - "Achievement Award for Social Development & Impact” and "Partners in Progress”. SJVN was awarded "Silver Plate Awards” by Help Age India for CSR.
Organizations do not exist in vacuum. It is only through effective people management that success is achieved. If managed properly, people will maximise performance and ultimately give an impetus to the organization’s long term success.

Mentorship Programmes

Mentoring is a tool that is used by organizations to nurture and grow their people. Mentoring happens when one individual actively and willingly passes his/or knowledge and wisdom onto another person /mentee / protégé. Mentoring can help employees navigate organizational culture, solve problems and advance their careers. Mentoring is a great way to make sure the talent pipeline is filled with people ready to manage and lead.

In SJVN, trainees are being engaged in Workmen, Supervisory & Executive categories. Due to different social milieu, Trainees pass through multi dimensional socio-psychological conditions. To make them more comfortable and equip them to cope-up with the new environment, Mentorship Development Program is in place.

Performance Management System

At SJVN, we believe that Human Resource Management (HRM) is the strategic management of the employees, who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the organisation. A company should first become aware of the needs of its employees, and at a later stage, understand and evaluate these needs in order to make its employees perceive their job as a part of their personal life, and not as a routine obligation.

SJVN has understood the capabilities of its human resources and in order to foster a culture of openness, honesty and integrity have put in place systems, processes and policies so at to ensure strategic partnership of HR with organisation vision. One of such policies introduced by SJVN was Performance Management System.

A robust and transparent Performance Management System was introduced in SJVN in the 2012-13, as a tool to create an objective based performance driven culture wherein the performance is encouraged. PMS is a process by which organisations align their resources, systems and employees to strategic objectives and priorities. It measures individual performance vis-à-vis the targets and becomes a basis for promotions and payment of performance related pay. In this way the individuals aligns his targets in line with the targets of is organisation. Performance management System includes activities which ensure that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner.

The PMS system works to realign the organizational objectives with individual objectives- thrust is upon performance driven culture. The basic purpose is to evaluate differing levels of performance and to identify Executives to take on higher responsibilities by identifying the high and low performance. The system in transparent and provides opportunity to the appraise to have sufficient discussion with his reporting officer regarding his performance and its assessment.

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